FanQuad: Quad Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) Drone

FanQuad "Black Disk" - Real-life Flying Saucer

The FanQuad was originally built to test the control systems and the flight management software for the jet-engine powered JetQuad drone. The two vehicles utilize identical control systems and software with the primary difference that the FanQuad is electrical while the JetQuad is fueled by Diesel. Similarly to the JetQuad, the FanQuad fans rotate in the same direction providing increased levels of stability.

Proprietary technology allows for precision position hold and complete yaw authority - two features not typically found in conventional multicopters. Furthermore, unlike conventional drones, the FanQuad does not need to pitch or roll over to move sideways. Last but not least, the EDF units allow for a very compact form-factor - notice that there are no wires, antennas or propellers exposed - the drone is sleek and streamlined. 

We enjoyed flying this drone so much that now we are building a more compact and powerful version so stay tuned!