About FusionFlight

FusionFlight Inc. is an Aerospace start-up based out of Dallas, Texas. The company is four-years old and aims to push the frontiers of drone technology to a whole new level. Above all, the purpose of FusionFlight is to show that modern electrical drones are very limited to payload capacity and top speed due to the low energy density of conventional battery technology. Therefore, FusionFlight is working on the world's first Jet-Powered, Diesel-fueled, Vertical-Take off and landing drone - AB4 JetQuad. Currently, the JetQuad is a work in progress, but once production begins, it will dominate a large segment of the drone market. Furthermore, the JetQuad will demonstrate that, thanks to turbines, drones do not need to be cheap, plastic, camera-toys.  Certainly, drones will become true industrial machines - work-horses that shape the modern world.

About the Team

Alexander Taits - FusionFlight CEO

Alexander Taits

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Alex is a dreamer and innovator, and most importantly, a creator. Consequently, he has dedicated his life to advancing transportation technology, whether here on Earth or out in Space. Moreover, as the chief-engineer at FusionFlight, Alex channels his abilities into a single task - to create the world's most powerful, versatile, and compact drone. Above all, Alex does what he loves, and in the end, there is no greater motivational force. Alex has professional experience in the nuclear, jet-engine and semiconductor industries and holds a Master's of Mechanical Engineering from University of Southern California.

Keith Ciccotello - FusionFlight COO

Keith Ciccotello, P.E.

Chief Operations Officer

Keith Ciccotello has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Business Administration. Most noteworthy, he is a licensed Professional Engineer with Management-level experience in the Telecom and Automotive Industries. As a result, Keith focuses all his spare time on building FusionFlight as a company and implementing drone technology in new ways.

Eugene Taits - FusionFlight Advisor

Dr. Eugene Taits

Science and Technology Advisor

Years ago, Eugene inspired Alex to look for ways to reduce the cost of sending rockets into space. These ideas now make-up the back-bone of the technology for FusionFlight jet-powered drones. Today, Eugene continues his support and advises Alex directly on technological aspects related to flight dynamics and control software. Eugene worked for decades in various software-based start-up companies. Eugene received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Belarus Academy of Sciences.