About the Company

FusionFlight Inc. is a young Aerospace R&D start-up company formed in July, 2016. The company has been established to push the frontiers of drone technology to a whole new level. We recognized that modern electrical drones are very limited to payload capacity and top speed due to the low energy density of conventional battery technology. The JetQuad is fueled by liquid Diesel, directly, and in so is capable of producing significant amounts of power. The JetQuad will demonstrate that, when powered by turbines, drones have a true potential to become the future "workhorses" of our world.

Alexander Taits

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Alex believes that only hard-work coupled with true multi-disciplinary understanding of engineering can bring about progress. He has worked in the nuclear, rocket, and jet-engine industries for several years and holds a Master's of Mechanical Engineering from USC. Alex pursues advanced propulsion concepts in his free time. FusionFlight allows Alex to turn these concepts into reality.

Keith Ciccotello

Chief Operations Officer

Keith Ciccotello joined FusionFlight in the beginning of 2015. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mercer University and knowledge of turbo-machinery and flight structures from his studies. He also has entrepreneurial experience and a Business Minor from Mercer's Stetson School of business. Keith has been involved in start up companies in the past and has a passion for flight.

Dr. Eugene Taits

Science and Technology Advisor

Originally, Eugene helped inspire the foundation behind FusionFlight Technology, and now actively advises on matters of physics and software. Eugene is VP Optimization at BOLDIQ, a start-up that provides advanced scheduling algorithms. Eugene received his PhD in Physics from the Belarus Academy of Sciences.