The Company

FusionFlight Inc. is an Aerospace start-up based out of Dallas, Texas, USA. The company is four-years old and aims to push the frontiers of drone technology to a whole new level. Above all, the purpose of FusionFlight is to show that modern electrical drones are very limited to payload capacity and top speed due to the low energy density of conventional battery technology. Therefore, FusionFlight has built the world's first Jet-Powered, Diesel-fueled, Vertical-Take off and landing drone - AB5JetQuad. The JetQuad will demonstrate that, thanks to turbines, drones do not need to be cheap, plastic, camera-toys.  Certainly, drones will become true industrial machines - work-horses that shape the modern world.

The Team

Alexander Taits
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Alex has dedicated his life to bringing disruptive technologies to the world of transportation. FusionFlight allows Alex to channel his abilities into a single task - to create the world's most powerful, versatile, and compact drone. Alex performs all the design, engineering (software/hardware), manufacturing and testing necessary to bring the JetQuad drone to fruition. Alex has professional experience in the nuclear, aerospace and semiconductor industries and holds a Master's of Mechanical Engineering from University of Southern California.
Keith Ciccotello, P.E.
Chief Operations Officer & Drone Pilot
Keith Ciccotello has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Business Administration. Most noteworthy, he is a licensed Professional Engineer with Management-level experience in the Telecom and Automotive Industries. Keith focuses all his spare time on building FusionFlight as a company and implementing drone technology in new ways. He is responsible for all legal and logistical issues and is also in charge of coordinating with suppliers and clients. Keith is FAA Part 107 licensed pilot and ensures all FusionFlight operations are safe.
Dr. Eugene Taits
Chief Advisor
Years ago, Eugene inspired Alex to look for ways to reduce the cost of sending rockets into space. These ideas now make-up the back-bone of the technology for the FusionFlight jet-powered drone. Today, Eugene continues his support and advises Alex directly on all technological aspects of the drone. Eugene worked for decades in various software-based start-up companies. Eugene received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Belarus Academy of Sciences.
Eyal Levy
Board Member
Eyal was the original angel investor for FusionFlight. His investment has kick-started the whole project ultimately leading to a working vehicle - AB5 JetQuad. He is currently a managing partner at GTD capital and brings vast experience in the start-up world to the team.